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Glory 5P Cutlery [2/4/6-Person Sets]

Glory 5P Cutlery [2/4/6-Person Sets]

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Glory Cutlery is made of pure stainless steel 18/10, hand-crafted and  
hollow-handle only is by technology of frontiera.
Finish: Mirror Finished
Care instructions: Dishwasher Safe.
Glory 10P Cutlery Set for 2-Person
Sets Included:
Table Fork 208mm (2P)
Table Knife 237mm (2P)
Table Spoon 205mm (2P)
Coffee Spoon 154mm (2P)
Cake Fork 164mm (2P)
Total 10-Pieces
Additional charge of (+$6) for gift box and bag.

Glory 20P Cutlery Set for 4-Person
Sets Included:
Table Fork 208mm (4P)
Table Knife 237mm (4P)
Table Spoon 205mm (4P)
Coffee Spoon 154mm (4P)
Cake Fork 164mm (4P)
Total 20-Pieces
Packed in Gift Box + Ribbon + Bag

Glory 30P Cutlery Set for 6-Person
Sets Included:
Table Fork 208mm (6P)
Table Knife 237mm (6P)
Table Spoon 205mm (6P)
Coffee Spoon 154mm (6P)
Cake Fork 164mm (6P)
Total 30-Pieces
(FREE) Cutlery Pouch (L) X 1P
Packed in Gift Box + Ribbon + Bag

Product is made of certified prime quality stainless steel.


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