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20Pcs Welkeeps KF94 MASK [Yellow Dust Disinfection Mask KF94 Large]

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 [웰킵스] 황사 방역 마스크

[Wellkeeps] Premium 3D Disposable KF94 Mask (Large-White Color)

Respiratory protection with PM 2.5 ultrafine dust and yellow dust blocking effect Comfortable fit with 3-fold folding ergonomic design.

Mask with a four-layer structure, and a high-efficiency filter is applied to block ultra-fine dust.

The inner space of the mask is wide by applying a hard shell, so it is comfortable even when worn for a long time.

3D three-dimensional structure where the inside of the mask does not touch the lips.


✔ Made in Korea

✔ Yellow Dust Disinfection Mask

✔ 4 Layer Structure Filters Mask

✔ 3D theree-dimensional structure (Inside the mask does not touch the lips)

✔ For Adult [Large] Size - White Color

✔ Expiration date: 2022, March,10

✔ Storage Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.

✔ Packed in 5pcs


PM 2.5 초미세먼지 및 황사 차단효과로 호흡기 보호

3단 접이식 인체공학적 디자인 적용으로 편안한 착욕감

4중 구조의 마스크로 고효율 필터를 적용하여 초미세먼지 차단효과 탁월

하드쉘 적용으로 마스크 내부공간이 넓어 장시간 착용시에도 쾌적

마스크 안쪽면이  입술에 닿지 않는 3D 입체구조