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Culinary Roasting Tweezers (300mm) Satin

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$16.00 SGD
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$26.00 SGD
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$16.00 SGD

 Frontiera Culinary Roasting Tweezers (300mm) Satin

If you enjoy cooking, this roasting tweezer is recommended product for you.

Serrated edge grips super reliably. Great look with engraved frontiera logo on it and feel great as well in the hand. Like all our tools they are built to last forever.

Perfect for roasting, plating, assembling, tasting they are a great all round pair of tweezers that will last you for years to come.
Manufactured and finished to the highest standards. great for smaller or more delicate items.

Top chefs keep these tweezers at hand at all times. You’ll quickly see why. These tweezers make a great gift for a cooking lovers and special chef in your life!