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woodenware (21)

Frontiera Maplewood Round Plate (S) 180mm


Frontiera (HD) Maplewood Bowl Plate (S) 180mm


Frontiera Maplewood Round Plate (M) 210mm


Frontiera Maplewood Bowl Plate (M) 210mm


Frontiera Maplewood Round Plate (L) 240mm


Frontiera Maplewood Bowl Plate (L) 240mm


Frontiera Maplewood Salad Bowl 230mm


Frontiera Cheeseboard (S-type Medium) 246mm


Frontiera Cheeseboard (S-type Large) 330mm


3-Pieces Wooden Cutting Board with Holder


2-Pieces Moomin Wooden Cutting Board


Natural Wooden Bread Case (Type 2)


Natural Wooden Bread Case (Type 1)


Frontiera Rosewood Children Chopsticks 155mm


Frontiera Rosewood Adult Spoon


Frontiera Rosewood Spatula (L) 290mm


Frontiera Rosewood Rice Padle 220mm


Frontiera Rosewood Spatula (M) 250mm


Frontiera Rosewood Bread Tong 200mm


Frontiera Rosewood Salad Tong 230mm


Frontiera Rosewood Salad Server Set