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Ottchil Lacquer Mother-of-Pearl Wood Placemat

Ottchil Lacquer Mother-of-Pearl Wood Placemat

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This Ottchil Lacquer Mother of Pearl Wood Placemat is made of Korea pine wood finished with Korea Ottchil (lacquer).

Featuring hand polished each layer of 10 Ottchil lacquer coating and used the unique Korea traditional mother-of-pearl inlay technology.

Showing the classic aesthetic, Ideal for home decoration or gift giving, marriage, personal use, collection, etc., is a good choice.

- It is a natural paint obtained from nature and does not generate any environmental hormones at all.

- Lacquer products are very hygienic and help prevent diseases by inhibiting the growth of bacteria by sterilizing lacquer.

-Β Come in a Gift Boxed
- Korea Pine Wood
- 100% Handmade in South Korea
- Dimensions: L 380 x W 240 x 8 (mm)
-Β Weight: 725g
- Colors: Top (Red), Behind (Black)

*Each tray has different mother-of-pearl shine and color.

What is Ottchil?
Ottchil is a Korea traditional natural paint made by refining the sap collected from the lacquer(Ott) tree.
If the refined Ottchil is applied 7-8 times on the wood, water does not seep into the wood and the urushiol component in the Ottchil has an antibacterial effect.
After drying, only the antibacterial effect remains, enhancing the durability and functionality of wood products.

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Ottchil lacquer mother-of-Pearl wood placemat

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