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2-Person (10-pcs) Couple Dinnerware Set

2-Person (10-pcs) Couple Dinnerware Set

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Handcrafted Pottery l Inspired Nature & Flowers
2 Person, 10P Couple Dinnerware Set
Made in Korea  

Rice Bowl [120 X 120 X 70mm]
Pear Soup Bowl [160 X 125 X 45mm]
Square Side Plate [128mm X 128mm X 15mm]
Rectangular Plate [300mm X 150mm X 28mm]
Round Side Dish Plate [150mm X 150mm X 30mm]
Chopstick Rest  [120 X60 X 10mm]

Rice Bowl 2P (Cream)
Soup Bowl 2P (Sky Blue & Mint)
Square Side Plate 2P  (Cream & Baby Pink)
Rectangular Plate 1P (Sky Blue or Mint *Random Color)
Round Side Dish 1P (Sky Blue)
Chopstick Rest 2P (Sky Blue & Mint)


Rice Bowl


Chopstick Rest


Pear Soup Bowl


Square Side dish Plate


Round Side dish Plate


Rectangular Plate


<TAKE A NOTE> 도자기 그릇에 아주 작은 기포 (핀홀)이 있을 수도 있습니다. 소성하는 과정에서 생길 수 있는 자연 현상이니, 예민 하신 분들은 참고해 주세요.

There may be tiny bubble (pinhole) or glaze flow. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the process of making pottery.

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