Silver Trays
Queen anne has for many years been famous around the world,
for the only major in silver & gold plated table and giftware company left in the U.K.
That can truly say it's products are still "Made in England"

Since they established in the Jewelry Quarter of Birmingham in 1919,
skills and designs which have been passed down through generations
have been provided the basis for many of the traditional manufactured products.
Special tarnish resistant coating the finished article is easy to look after,
as it never needs polishing.

Silver Trays (10)

[England Silverware] Queen Anne 4-Pieces Dessert Plate Set for Sliced Cake    


[England Silverware Queen Anne] Floral Rimmed Oval Serving Tray with Handle 475mm    


[England Silverware] Queen Anne Round Gallery Tray with Handles 360mm    


[England Silverware Queen Anne] Small Oblong Tray with handles and Feets 440mm    


[England Silverware Queen Anne] Medium Oblong Tray with handles and Feets 510mm    


[England Silverware Queen Anne] Medium Oblong Tray with Handles 515mm    


[England Silverware Queen Anne] Large Oblong Tray with Handles 630mm    


[England Silverware Queen Anne] Elegant (Large) Chippendale Round Serving Tray 315mm    


[England Silverware] Queen Anne Medium Oblong Gallery Tray with Handles 515mm    


[England Silverware] Queen Anne Round Tray with Swing Handle & Feet 230mm