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Hammered2 Gold 5P Cutlery [2/4/10-Person Sets]

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$234.50 SGD
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$234.50 SGD
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$234.50 SGD
Line: Miracle Line
Expressive, High-quality craftsmanship and impressively beautiful.
Beautiful deeper & clearer hammered effect by hand-forged design
throughout the handle of the cutlery.
Ideal for creating an elegant table setting.
Made of pure stainless steel 18/10 with hand-forged.
Finish: Mirror Finish and pvd gold plated
Care instructions: Hand-wash recommended

Hammered2 Gold 10P Cutlery Set for 2-Person
Sets Included:
Table Fork 208mm (2P)
Table Knife 238mm (2P)
Table Spoon 208mm (2P)
Coffee Spoon 146mm (2P)
Cake Fork 152mm (2P)
Total 10-Pieces
Additional charge of (+$6) for gift box, ribbon and bag.

Hammered2 Gold 20P Cutlery Set for 4-Person
Sets Included:
Table Fork 208mm (4P)
Table Knife 238mm (4P)
Table Spoon 208mm (4P)
Coffee Spoon 146mm (4P)
Cake Fork 152mm (4P)
Total 20-Pieces
Packed in Gift Box + Ribbon + Bag

Hammered2 Gold 50P Cutlery Set for 10-Person
Sets Included:
Table Fork 208mm (10P)
Table Knife 238mm (10P)
Table Spoon 208mm (10P)
Coffee Spoon 146mm (10P)
Cake Fork 152mm (10P)
Total 50-Pieces
(FREE) Cutlery Pouch (L) X 2P
Packed in Gift Box + Ribbon + Bag

Box Dimensions: (L) 26cm X (W) 21.5cm X (H) 5.5cm