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Frontiera stainless steel Ice Cube 4P Set [Silver]

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$26.50 SGD

Reusable stainless steel cube 4P Set
Chill your drinks without watering down their flavours with this Stainless Steel Ice Cubes. These stylish, food-safe and non-toxic cubes are reusable, and great for keeping your drinks cold and your conversations hot.

Measurement: 26.5mm (H) X 26.5mm (W) X 26.5mm (L)

Our stainless steel ice cubes are non-porous, odourless and tastelessΒ 
for a perfect drinking experience.
Rounded edges reflect a certain refinement of the design, and makes every drinking session a delightful experience for everyone.
Just a short 1-2 hours in the freezer and your're good to go with frontiera cubes.