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Sawowood Long Spoon 200mm [Set of 2]


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The Mùod is in-house brand
[木 + mood] 'Mù' means tree in chinese charateristic and 'od' is short form of mood.
It has the meaning of introduce you practical and sensible natural wooden products to your space through the Muod brand.

The Mùod product is delicately hand-made using natural wood.
Food safe grade and used ethically sourced quality wood from the rainforests, It is perfect for any home.

Sawowood Long Drink Spoon X 2-Piece
Dimension: (L) 200 X (W) 20mm
Weight: 10g (/EA)
Wood: Sawowood
Finish: Food safe grade
Wood grain and color can vary slightly
Packing: each piece sealed in transparent bag

Also available in other wood type
Rosewood(Redish-dark brown color),
Sawowood (Orange Brown), Teakwood (Brown)