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Ottchil Galaxi Wooden Spoon & Chopstick (Deep Green)


Ottchil Galaxi Wooden Spoon & Chopstick (Deep Green)

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Ottchil is a type of Korean lacquer technique, It uses the refining the tree sap collected from the korean "Ott" tree.
Collecting, refining and applying this lacquer is a very nuanced and delicate process. which takes decades of experience to master.

It is a 100% natural sap obtained from nature and does not generate any environmental hormones at all

When properly applied, Ottchil lacquer produces an incredibly durable finish on wood. The lacquered wood will not rot, discolour or deteriorate with extended use or even when exposed to water.

Ottchil coating also creates a natural 99.9% antibacterial surface!
This is why Ottchil has long been treated as the best material for tableware in Korea.
Muod by frontiera chopstick set are also beautiful to look.
Available in 3 colours: Fire Red, Classic Black, Deep Green

Enjoy a finer dining experience with this Ottchil Lacquer Wooden Adult Spoon & Chopstick set. 

Design inspired by mesmerizing stars
1 Set includes 1 spoon + pair of chopsticks
Jujube Wood
- 100% Handmade
- Dimensions: Spoon L 235mm x W 40mm, Chopstick L 235mm
- Colors: Brown
- Finish: 100% Natural ottchil
- Logo: Behind of product (Muod by frontiera)

Box+Silk Bojagi Packing (+$4.90)


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How it was done.
When the surface of Ottchil Trees are scratched, the tree releases sap.
(Extracting Ottchil Sap requires decades of skillful experience and know-how).
This sap is carefully collected and skillfully refined for use as lacquer.

The coating process, in which layers of lacquer must be repeatedly applied and left to dry. Producing lacquerware is a notoriously prolonged and labor-intensive process, which has sometimes been called the “art of time”

Once refined ottchil is coated on the wooden product, has a water resistent effect to prevent water seep into the wood products and the urushiol component in the ottchil has an antibacterial effect. Thus ottchil lacquer products help prevent diseases by inhibiting the growth of bacteria .Ottchil lacquer enhanced the durability and functionality of wood products.

Advise on Ottchil products
Recommends the following habits for the daily use.

  • Do not use steel sponges or the green scourge side of 3M scrubs sponge.
  • If leftover rice or foods gets crusted on, soak in warm water for 2-3 minutes before wash.
  • Do not leave to soak in water overnight as mineral salts may affect the ottchil surface lifespan.
  • Wash separately from other sharp steel products while dishwashing
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