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Abeille Bee Jam and Butter Dish with Lid


Abeille Bee Jam and Butter Dish with Lid

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Embossed with the historic bee used to represent Napoleon's empire, our glassware collection has both charm and distinction. Crafted in France by La Rochère, known for high-quality artisanal glassware for more than 500 years, each exceptionally clear and durable goblet adds a touch of the French countryside to the table.

Abeille  2Pc Glass Jam Butter Dish X 1

Product Features

  • 65mm (H), Ø:95mm
  • 404g / ea
  • Made in France
  • Transparent
  • Uniquely crystal-clear glass created at very high temperatures
  • Custom made with a two-part open mold
  • Elegant and durable glassware is dishwasher safe

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