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Sky Flower Cappuccino Cup & Saucer Set (Red)

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Korean Handcrafted Pottery
Hand Painted Sky Flower Cappuccino Cup & Saucer
Color: Red
Measurement: Cappuccino Cup 14.5cm X 11.5cm X 6cm
                          Saucer: 15cm X 15cm X 2cm

*Products are handmade and hand painted product, It may different in Size, Shape, Pattern of painting.


Top Left: House (Red+Green)
Top Right: Sky Flower Cappucino Cup & Saucer Set
Bottom Right: Flower Petal Plate (Yellow & Green)
Left: Botanic Garden Long Spoon, Long Fork
Right: Jasmine Espresso Spoon, Mini Fork
Bottom: Jasmine Espresso Spoon